Reasons the Circuit Breakers in Your Electrical Panel Keep Tripping Off

Posted on: 13 February 2018


The circuit panel of your home's electrical system plays a very important role in protecting you against fire and shock. When a circuit trips frequently, it's a sign that something's wrong and you should call in an electrician to take a look. The problem could be with an appliance, the wiring, or the circuit panel itself. Here are some things that can cause problems with your circuit panel.

A Faulty Appliance

If your stove has a short or some other electrical problem, then it might cause a circuit to trip when you turn it on. If it happens once, it might not be a serious matter, but if it happens repeatedly, you should call an electrician for a look. If the circuit breaker shoots flames or has charred burn marks on it, you definitely want to get the panel looked at by an electrician before you use it once the appliance has been repaired. A faulty appliance, whether it is a stove or washing machine is a potentially dangerous situation. The circuit flips off to save you from being shocked or because it overheated and shut down to prevent a fire. You don't want to keep resetting the circuit breaker. Instead, call for repairs as soon as possible.

Not Enough Outlets

If your home doesn't have enough outlets, that causes you to overload circuits. Then, you end up with a situation where a circuit breaker blows when you turn on the microwave or washing machine. Part of the reason this happens is because you have too many appliances and electronics plugged into the same circuit because there are not enough outlets distributed around your house. If you use extension cords a lot, that's a good sign you need more outlets.

Another reason a circuit breaker often blows when you have too many things plugged in is because appliances use a lot more energy when the turn on than they do when they're running. So when a window air conditioner or microwave starts up, it uses a lot of electricity and might overload the circuit. Calling in an electrician to install the right kind of outlets you need might fix the problem.

The Panel Is Old

If your home is old and has its original electrical panel, it could be near the end of its life. An electrical inspection could be in order if it trips frequently or if you just don't have enough electricity to support all of your appliances and electronics. An old panel that fails is a fire hazard. While electrical panels last a long time, some brands fail quicker than others, so it doesn't hurt to have yours inspected. If you still have an old fuse box rather than a panel, then it's definitely time to bring your home's electrical system into the modern age.

If you're constantly having issues with your circuit breakers, contact electrical companies such as RDS Electric.