4 Ways To Conserve Energy In The Home

Posted on: 6 October 2017


Energy consumption in the home happens every day, even when you are not in the house and have turned all the lights off. Ask your electrician- you use electricity and otherwise waste energy even when you turn appliances off. Here are four ways to reduce energy consumption in the home so you can help lower your electricity bills and conserve the environment at the same time:

Unplug appliances

Unplug appliances you don't need to be turned on all the time in order to use them. Items like a DVD player, microwave, lamps, hair dryers and other appliances can be unplugged to reduce energy consumption.

The reason why is simple: as long as an appliance is plugged in, particularly a unit that has lights or digital screens on it, it is receiving small amounts of electricity even when turned off. In unplugging items you don't use regularly you save money on your electric bill.

Buy low-wattage bulbs

Your electrician can replace all the light bulbs in your home with brighter, lower wattage varieties that last much longer than traditional light bulbs. For softer lighting that is warm and inviting, opt for yellow lights. For a brighter, more revealing light, opt for stark or true white. Other options for low wattage lighting include blue or even red.

Invest in low-energy appliances

Your current fridge, stove, dishwasher or even washer and dryer may be causing you to use more water or energy than you should. Investing in newer, low-energy appliances can save you lots of money and benefit the environment in the long run. For example, many washers and dryers are designed to use less water and heat for treating clothing, and some shower heads in the bathroom are structured to utilize water best without using more gallons during a bath or shower.

Use windows to stay warm/cool

Rather than turn up or down the thermostat indoors to meet your comfort needs, try using your windows to stay cool or warm instead. In the summer you can use the cool breeze from a ventilated window to stay cool, or you can cover windows entirely with sun-blocking curtains to block out its rays.

In the winter, let the sun's rays penetrate the home to stay warm naturally. The less you use the heating or cooling element in your home, the less energy you ultimately use. Your electrician can show you other ways to conserve energy in the home. Contact a company like Craftsman Electric Inc for more information and assistance.